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3 Effective Exercises For Better Hip Mobility

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Video Summary: 3 Effective Exercises For Better Hip Strength, Mobility And Function.

Here are the KEY points covered in the videos above. Contact us directly with questions.

Postural compensations due to sitting – driving, working, reading, knitting, etc. Hips/Femurs are in flexion – Hip Flexors ‘shortened’ or ‘tightened’ position, Hip Extensors ‘lengthened’ or ‘stretched’ position.

Proprioceptors or ‘nerve endings’ found in joints, tendons, muscles, fascia, etc. adapt to postural changes. Loss of neuromuscular control of hip extensors, adaptive ‘tightness’ of hip flexors. Affects structures and tissues throughout different fascial-muscular lines. Hip extensors are strong and powerful ‘ball and socket’ joint prime movers – walking, hiking, squatting, running, lifting, etc.

Several different methods for improving recruitment of these extremely important muscles, and muscle groups.

Goal of these videos will be to initiate better recruitment and control – Gluteus Medius/Maximus to restore better stability and improve mobility of hips and back.

1 – Isolation Exercise: Isometric Hip Extensions (this exercise is primarily for beginners or for those with more significant dysfunction and limitations)

• Perform Daily

• Rest fully between each repetition

• 68 Reps

• 6-8 Second Hold

• “Mild to Moderate” intensity

2 –  Iso-Dynamic Exercise: Alternating Single Leg Bridging

• Begin with both feet firmly planted for each repetition

• Progress strength with alternating heel lifts

• Perform Daily

• No rest between each repetition;

• Maintain muscular tension throughout set

• 10-12 Reps

• 3-6 Second Holds

• “Mild to Moderate” intensity

3 – Dynamic Exercise: Single Leg Fore/Aft Lunge

• Perform Daily

• Dynamic flow of movement throughout set

• 8-12 Reps

• 1-2 Second Hold

• “Moderate” intensity

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